What are low cost dental implants.?

dental implants


There are low-cost dental manufactures and clinics abroad:

Regarding manufacturing and given that the implant will remain in our mouths until the end of our days or in any case for a very long time, is it really reasonable to prefer a low or medium level of manufacturing? what is the financial impact over time? tranquility is priceless, they say.

Another Anglo-Saxon proverb explains that the bitterness of poor quality lasts much longer than the pleasure of a low price.

It’s still very different from household appliance parts which, if they don’t last long, can be replaced quickly, without surgery.

Finally an implant which one must leave because it poses problem or which fractures, did we gain something?

Regarding low-cost dental clinics abroad

It is probably necessary to look at the entire process and the associated costs.

Often the placement of the implant at an unbeatable price is put forward to attract the patient.

In practice, costs of file or care or diagnosis or rental of waiting room or screw of cover or provisional and second surgical time…etc are invoiced which makes the final treatment more expensive than in France.

Let’s not forget to take into consideration that it is not just a screw that can be bought and replaced everywhere. It is a medical device. This also means that control visits and maintenance are necessary and therefore this supposes a certain number of trips. Is this really what we want?

Just because you have an implant doesn’t mean you no longer need to brush your teeth, floss and take regular mouthwash. On the contrary ! In addition, an implant requires regular visits to your dentist, so unless you plan to make regular trips to Hungary….

The competition between more and more practitioners to place implants has made this operation quite affordable, and if you have a problem … no need to return to Hungary

If you can, ask your practitioner to tell you the brand of the implant and go to the brand’s website to get an idea.

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