Traditional Braces

110 ViewsIn the heart of the bustling capital, Invisalign London is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for discreet teeth straightening. More and more individuals are opting for this innovative treatment, favouring its clear appearance over traditional metal braces. Not only does Invisalign provide a virtually invisible method of improving dentalContinue Reading


139 ViewsOrthodontic treatment has undergone a revolution in recent years, with Invisalign emerging as a frontrunner in the field. What sets Invisalign apart? Unlike traditional braces, these clear aligners offer an innovative approach to teeth straightening that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. They represent a significant step forward inContinue Reading

dental implants

331 ViewsThere are low-cost dental manufactures and clinics abroad: Regarding manufacturing and given that the implant will remain in our mouths until the end of our days or in any case for a very long time, is it really reasonable to prefer a low or medium level of manufacturing? whatContinue Reading


251 ViewsAs its name suggests, the temporomandibular  joint  (TMJ) is found at the junction of the temporal bone of the skull and the lower jaw (mandible), on either side of the face, in front of the ears. Each human therefore has 2 ATMs. ATMs play a main role in essential functionsContinue Reading