Fat burners: how do they work?

Fat burners are dietary supplements. Their goal: to accelerate the basic metabolism, thus promoting lipolysis in fat cells (adipocytes). Lipolysis is the action which consists in the destocking of calories and the melting of fats accumulated in the body.

When the metabolism increases, the body needs more energy, which comes from the excess fat accumulated in the body. Fatty acids embedded in adipocytes are in the form of large molecules that are difficult to eliminate, which leads to the risk of obesity. The phenomenon of lipolysis will therefore make it possible to transform these molecules into molecules of free fatty acids that are easily transported by the body. In this way, eliminating them and losing extra pounds with an effective fat burner will become easier.

They directly destroy fats even before they are absorbed by the body.

There are also the fat eaters, including pineapple, containing bromelain, which straightforwardly attacks fat and destroys cellulite.

Fat burners: who are you?

Losing weight for some people is often a real challenge. To achieve it, motivation and commitment are the key words. Thanks to fat burners, losing weight becomes a little easier and faster. These slimming products available at Cocooncenter , your online pharmacy, come in the form of capsules, capsules or ampoules to be taken over a specific period of time.

Interesting products for those wishing to lose weight, they are composed of ingredients allowing to lose weight with much more ease. It is a help, a boost coupled with a healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle and physical exercise to lose the extra pounds.

A healthy lifestyle for more efficiency

Your fat burner will not be effective if you adopt a poor lifestyle during your diet. It is therefore advisable to avoid eating too fatty, too salty, too sweet, but also to practice regular physical activity.

A powerful fat burner, in addition to activating weight loss, provides the body with energy to limit the risk of fatigue during its slimming treatment. Thus, the body is motivated and does not feel any drop in morale on the diet.

The most common components of an effective fat burner

Among the best known are:

the prickly pear;


Le chitosan;


The CLA;



The L-carnitine

Most of these elements are plant extracts, amino acids or vitamins. They have the effect of increasing calorie consumption and burning fat before it enters the bloodstream.

A natural solution with guarana and green tea to lose weight

The guarana

Guarana is an excellent ally in a slimming diet. The caffeine and guaranine contained in guarana help dissolve fat and keep you active during your slimming program. Originally from the Amazonian forest, it has been used for more than 3,000 years in view of the various therapeutic virtues it has. It is generally advised to stay awake and active for long hours.

In addition, this food contains theophylline and theobromine, two effective appetite suppressant molecules to guarantee feelings of satiety. Combined with spirulina, saponin, flavonol, guarana is a real slimming solution, much more than just black coffee.

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