Fixing Issues Of Vape Pens By Identifying Hazards

Issues Of Vape Pens By Identifying Hazards


If you are looking forward to enjoying high time with cannabis, vape pens might offer it remarkably. You can find them in a wide array and pick them accordingly to meet your expectations. These pens use flowers or oil as part of their heating element so that you can enjoy delicious flavor anytime. Using vape pens is quite effortless, but they still go through certain contradictions like charging issues and others that might put you on a bitter experience. The best part about these pens is their ability to become charged so that you can use them anywhere without consisting of with any external power source. A battery associated with these products ensures excellent vapor without putting it on to combustion.

Vape pen issues

You might experience various issues, and charging is one among them. If these are not turning green that indicates the battery not charging. You can also consider it a warning sign just because of a dead battery mounted with it. You can check it by using an external charger. If the battery is charging, you should check the vape charging port for its functioning. You can also check if the vape pen not lighting up while charging along with others to use it efficiently.

Blinking green

Green light blinking up to 4-5 times means a faulty connection with the battery and cartridge. It happens due to leakage on the cartridge which becomes the reason for breaking the connection. Cartridge size and deformed coils also cause green blinking and require fixing at the earliest to keep it functioning appropriately.

If the vape pen is blinking green but not functioning well, you should check the charging level of the battery. You should recharge or use a new one to enjoy its functioning. If the green light blinks up to 10-15 times that is a sign of a dead battery and you should charge it to use it ahead.

Sometimes your vape pen won’t light green while charging. You should not be worried about facing these issues. You should check whether the battery mounted with it is fully charged or not. The low battery might not produce green light. You can charge it for up to 30 minutes to check the status. Charging port issues might also be a reason if any vape pen is not lighting green. You should check it properly to find the exact reasons behind its non-working.

If your vape pen not lighting up while charging then it might be due to battery or other related reasons that you can fix by performing certain steps. You can perform various diagnostics to fix the issues and use them ahead to meet your vaping needs.

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