Body sculpt: the plan of attack for a top body

attack for a top body


The body sculpt is the sport for those who want to transform their body without wasting time. Intensive and complete, it combines cardio training and muscle strengthening. Shock sessions for quick results. Marine Leuleu offers us a course.


This discipline was born in the 90s, when coaches decided to merge two sports to obtain better results. Traditionally, a person who wants to get back in shape is recommended to do cardio to lose weight and gain endurance, and strength training to firm and tone their body. The body sculpt combines the two in a single workout. In the body sculpt, we therefore find body pump exercises for muscle building, and others inspired by step for cardio. The training thus makes it possible to work the muscles of the body as a whole while burning fat. The key: a toned and fit body.


If the body sculpt is so effective, it’s not by magic (we would have liked it too), but because it’s an intensive sport! A thirty-minute session like the one proposed by Marine Leuleu will make you burn nearly 400 calories. So if you want to get back into sport, but your last physical effort dates back to your baccalaureate acrogym test, it would probably be more reasonable not to discourage you right away to start more gradually, starting with example by Pilates . The same if you suffer from joint or heart problems.


Decided to embark on a body sculpting session? Depending on the gyms and the choices of the coach, you may need some equipment. But rest assured, the Navy course is suitable for practice at home. Also, you will only need a chair and two dumbbells, which you can replace if necessary with two bottles of water. On the other hand, as with all sports, whether you practice indoors or at home, it is very important to wear the right shoes, with a pair of suitable training sneakers, to avoid injuries. Provide a bottle of water nearby, and you’re ready!

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